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Women Step Up

Recent research conducted by Dow Jones suggests companies that include female senior executives are more likely to succeed than companies where only males are in charge. 

However, only five percent of the Fortune 500 CEOs are women. So, there is clearly an urgent need to encourage, inspire and develop both male and female emerging talent to take a career path towards leadership.  

Philippa and Penelope prepare for two days of high energy facilitation at RSA.

Our 'Women Step Up' programme is a two day exploration around the challenges women with ambition meet in the workplace, from both male and female colleagues. But, despite the title this inspiring programme is not exclusively for women. Yes, we do unpack and explore how to handle some of the daily obstacles women face from sexism and discrimination to a lack of flexibility in terms of parental leave.

However these are issues that impact on everyone in the workplace and also on the evolution of business as a whole in the 21st Century. So the course is less about gender issues and much, much more about increasing personal impact, assertiveness and influencing effectively because these are key capabilities for women in leadership roles.

In her book LEAN IN Sheryl Sandberg – COO at Facebook - tells us:

"When a woman excels at her job, both men and women will comment that she is accomplishing a lot but is not as well liked by her peers. She is considered "too aggressive," "not a team player," "a bit political"; she "can't be trusted" or is "difficult." Those are all things that have been said about me and almost every senior woman I know." 

So, it's fairly clear that 'stepping up' requires a high level of communication skills, networking savvy and the ability to negotiate well.

Women Step Up is our learning and development response to the call for not only women but everyone in the work place to identify their passions, take some risks and communicate with clients, colleagues and friends to co-create new opportunities and a new way of 'being' human in life and work. For everyone. 

Contact info@4dhumanbeing.com to find out more about the programme and how we can bring this inspiring and informative two days to the people in your organisation. 


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