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We are a small but select team here at 4D Human Being® and that's because all our 4D Integral Practitioners, Coaches & Training Facilitators are required to have a high level of professional experience in the following four areas:

  • A Leadership or Management role in Business
  • Drama Skills Training - Writing, Teaching, Acting or Directing
  • Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counseling or Coaching Qualifications
  • A thorough grasp of the theory and practice of Integral Philosophy

Drawing on our knowledge and skills in these areas enables us to offer you a comprehensive range of solutions.

We also work with a selection of highly skilled associates who help us create training events and experiences to help you communicate in a way that makes your message impactful, memorable and engaging - personally and professionally. 



Philippa Waller 

Director - 4D Integral Practitioner, Coach & Training Facilitator

With a background in theatre, improvisation and psychology, Philippa works extensively in the fields of Personal Impact and Communications within organisations across the world. Philippa's approach is passionate, energized, positive, fun and always flexible. She works with clients to help them connect with their unique skills, strengths and personal creativity to maximize their individual potential, tell the story they want to tell and achieve their personal and professional goals.

More about Philippa...

Philippa is a director of 4D Human Being Ltd and regularly tutors at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Philippa also writes screenplays with her LA and London based writing partners and has most recently been commissioned by TalkBack Thames to create two new television series – 'MILF' and 'THE A-Z OF DATING.' Along with her business partner Tom, she also has a stage musical in development and has just completed a book about how our personal values impact our relationships - entitled 'Spiral into Love.'

Fascinated by human behaviour and creativity in all its guises, whether it is a question of self-understanding, understanding others, group dynamics, team motivation, emotional engagement, personal energy levels or increasing self-confidence, Philippa will work with you to create the impact and long term changes you are looking for.


Penelope Waller 

4D Integral Practitioner, Coach & Training Facilitator

Penelope is a highly experienced corporate executive, leader and business coach with a background in senior finance and leadership within multinational companies. She is passionate about helping companies to simultaneously achieve results and develop and motivate their people. Coming from a theatrical family, she has also had a life long association with the theatre. In her youth Penelope appeared in productions including Grease, The Boyfriend and even shared the stage with actor and presentor Keith 'Cheggers' Chegwin!

More about Penelope...

Penelope has enjoyed a highly successful career as an International television executive that includes over 10 years experience in senior positions across Europe at The Walt Disney Company. A qualified chartered accountant her experience extends across Finance Director positions as well as General Management with in-depth knowledge of the television sector, most recently in Italy where she resides. As Finance Director and Vice President General Manager of Walt Disney Television Italy, she was pivotal in reshaping strategy and performance in the businesses she has managed. And core to her success and her value as a leader is her skill at developing talent in the teams she leads.

As an executive and personal coach she will work with you to help you achieve your business objectives, goals and ambitions and most importantly release your full 4 dimensional potential. She is results driven, energetic and enjoys working with an informal fun approach. She is particularly driven to promote, support and develop women in business with a focus on achieving success and personal life balance through confidence, communication, self-awareness and self-belief.


Claire Galmiche

4D Integral Coach & Training Facilitator

Claire is a highly experienced actor, teacher, director, public speaking coach, role player and facilitator. She has a BA in English and trained as an actor at The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She has over 20 years’ experience and has worked in TV, film, radio and theatre for companies including the BBC, The Royal Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre. She has led workshops in universities across the USA and the UK for 8-80 year olds and brings an energised, positive approach to facilitating.

More about Claire...

Claire delights in helping people reach their full creative potential and sees drama not only as a way of exploring human relationships, but also as a means of developing both individual and collective potential, of forming ideologies and developing the minds, spirits and attitudes of anyone who wants to get involved! She is bilingual in English and French.


Stephanie Kasen

4D Integral Coach & Training facilitator

Stephanie is passionate about bringing Conscious Communication, Personal Impact, and Leadership Development to individual clients and teams throughout North America through highly engaging training and development, personal coaching, conferences and seminars.

More about Stephanie...

With a background in business, theatre, improvisation and a Master's degree in Mental Health Counselling, Stephanie's approach is passionate, reflective, energized, positive, and fun. She will work with you and your people using actionable tools to help to connect you with your unique skills, strengths and personal creativity. Her clinical skills and experience ensure that she can guide you towards gaining deep insight, identify and overcome barriers, and achieve your personal and professional goals. In other words – 'consciously create the impact you choose' everyday.


Anthony Etherton

4D Integral Practitioner, Coach & Training Facilitator

Anthony works globally as a leading specialist in personal impact, presentation and experiential leadership development. He brings together a wealth of experience gleaned from an eclectic career history that includes being a professional chef, a journalist, a radio and TV presenter, an actor and property developer.

More about Anthony...

He currently designs and delivers experiential leadership communication challenges for leaders who're bored of classroom style development and wish to test and challenge themselves in real world, real time situations. From a Golf course to a theatre or the kitchen in a restaurant, Anthony's facilitation style helps reveal hidden leadership strengths and offers a unique 360 feedback on the delegates leadership style under extraordinary circumstances.

Combining the facilitators' skills and experience of business, drama and psychology Anthony creates the ultimate experiential communications workshops aimed at evolving an individual's self awareness and increasing their ability to consciously create the impact they choose.


Simon Winkler 

Associate 4D Facilitator & Role Player

With a background in professional acting, training, facilitating and IT, Simon brings together a practical knowledge of blue chip companies, professional facilitating, training and role play acting. He delivers training and role play, including forum theatre, improvisation, playback theatre, and detailed feedback sessions at all levels up to company director. Simon has worked with a breadth of clients in both the public and private sectors.

More about Simon...

Simon was a partner in a specialist training company providing a range of tailor made courses for the IT, HR and retail sectors. He has also worked within Blue Chip companies such as Standard Chartered Bank, Chartered Trust and AXA where he provided IT Security consultancy and training delivery.


Katie Lambert 

Associate 4D Facilitator and Creative Assistant

Katie is an experienced actor, writer and yoga teacher. Fascinated by mind control, Katie empowers people through ‘the freedom to choose’, giving people the power to choose their responses and thoughts in real-life situations. Her work fuses life coaching and yoga and shows you that you have the power to control your own life

More about Katie...

Katie’s background in acting has provided her with first class presentation skills, the ability to improvise and the confidence to lead. Educated at Warwick University, she holds a BA (Hons) in English Literature and is the author of Where She Goes, a travel website which has taken her to the far corners of the world including The Philippines, India and Cambodia. In addition, Katie is a qualified yoga instructor and teaches a variety of styles including Hatha, Ashtanga and Yin.

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