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Team communication

According to research from Stanford University, team performance improves when people acknowledge, utilize and celebrate their team members’ individual personalities.

This essentially means that retaining and expressing  your individuality while serving the teams goals is vital for optimum, team performance. In fact teams do better when they are composed of people with the widest possible range of personalities, even though it may take longer for such psychologically diverse teams to achieve good cooperation. However, they must be open to opposing opinions and recognise the value of exploring a problem from various angles.

This is why an 'Integral' approach to team communication becomes vital.

We have a unique relationship with some the UK’s most talented experiential events facilitators who help us to  bring your team together for a creative and innovative experience. We integrate ideas from the worlds of business, psychology, music, art, the theatre and even philosophy to explore a team issue physically, emotionally, intellectually and if necessary spiritually!

All our events are tailored to culminate in a grande finale that will point directly at your specific, business topics so the team will always remember what they learned during the experience.

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