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Team Building Experiences

Working in collaboration with our team of trusted partners we will design and deliver an event your team will remember forever.

All the following experiences can be adapted to meet your specific learning and development needs.


The Rhythm of Life ( & Work)

This event is all about understanding the power and influence of non-verbal communication. The team will communicate with each other primarily through body language, eye contact and the pulse of their personal energy.

Imagine your team’s total surprise entering the room to find an array of beautiful drums from all over the world and our expert team of drummers playing a high energy welcome. Within minutes, our rhythm facilitator will have everyone taking ownership of the basic skills & rhythms needed to build your own amazing percussion orchestra. Needing no musical experience whatsoever. Using the metaphor of a functioning orchestra/rhythm section, participants will be guided through a highly entertaining and empowering team experience.

This hugely fun power hour will be a team memory for years to come.


Haka Power Unity People

This session is all about passion, bonding and the emotional sound we make when we speak from our heart and spirit.  

As they wait outside the room the team will hear – the ancient Maori chant. This is the tribal call to ‘action’. Suddenly our Maori Haka warriors burst in and your group is transfixed and enrgised. In Full traditional wear and adorning the distinctive face markings they perform the Haka displaying pure passion, dignity and pride. This fantastic surprise will change the energy and focus of any event.  First greeted in the Maori language, then in English, your group are told that it’s their turn next.

This fascinating interactive activity is all about: Tribal Unity, Individual Pride and Moving forward as one people.


Junk Funk

During this event the team will work together in a spirit of creativity, stretching their normal boundaries as they co-create order out of chaos.  

We transform your group of any size into a high performance Junk percussion orchestra. This is not only thinking out of the box, this is actually playing the box!  Piles of very strange but familiar looking items soon become the bizarre sections of your orchestra. With added choreography and Junk Yard costume, you will eventually perform a dynamic “Stomp” style show. Next Stop the West End!!

This rhythmical event will immediately change your working environment, energise the room and highlight real teamwork.


One Voice

Building an harmonious team is all about allowing people's voices to be heard. In this thrilling event the team will literally be 'singing from the same song sheet'. 

With the rising popularity of TV shows like; The Voice, Last Choir Standing and X Factor, singing is on everybody’s lips! We bring groups of any size together to recreate a famous pop song under the expert guidance of our West End vocal coaches. We prove that anyone can sing and that everyone’s efforts can contribute to the fantastic overall sound. Your group will soon learn how to breath, support and project their voice, surprising themselves and their colleagues. Mastering the words, harmonies and dynamics to their growing performance, individuals will feel empowered, uplifted and a part of a real creative process, culminating in a combined final performance to raise the roof. 

The final song performance can also be recorded for future presentations or just to capture this unique moment in your company’s history.


Contact us to find out how these events - and others - can be tailored to meet your specific needs!


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