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Communicate With Charisma

Do you ever wish you had the confidence to stand up anywhere, anytime with anyone and just tell your story? Would you like to increase your personal impact when communicating or presenting?

Then Communicate With Charisma might be the book you've been waiting for.

Written by Tom Bruno-Magdich and Jo Thompson this book offers you secret tips and techniques used by professional communicators from public speakers, actors, comedians and singers to help you dramatically increase your personal impact in life and work. But be warned - If the idea of being able to consciously create the impact you choose and influence people using the power of non-verbal behaviour disturbs you then don't open this book! 

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Spiral Into love

Spiral into Love offers a unique approach to finding, building and sustaining loving relationships. Relationships can be challenging at times, we all know that, but whether you are looking for new love - or want to keep your current love alive and vibrant, you probably don't have time for a ten-year self-development or partner-awareness programme.

What's needed is an immediate understanding of the dynamics of our relationships and some practical tools and tips we can use straight away.

Through our extensive research and work in the field of communication skills we have identified how five key value sets drive and motivate our emotions, our thinking and our behavior in relationships. Our approach draws on several theories of the bio-psycho-social development of human values, including Spiral Dynamics Integral and Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. So, if you're looking to find new love, rekindle old love, or check whether your latest flame is the one for you, then Spiral Into Love could well become your relationship bible.

Visit www.spiralintolove.com and get the first three chapters free.

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4D Human Being

It’s becoming fairly clear from current world events that we are entering a time of transition for humanity as a whole. A time where all the lessons learned from the experiences of previous ages are coming together to create an evolutionary leap in the way we live, love, work and play. In order to face and tackle the challenges of the 21st century and beyond we will require a new way of being human. In other words we will need to shift out of the traditional 3 dimensional perspective view of ourselves and the world and start feeling, thinking, doing and being in 4 dimensions. And that's what this book is about. In these pages you'll find information, concepts, ideas and exercises that will introduce you to a new, creative psychology. The ideas presented in this book are designed to help you take an integral perspective on who and what you are in 4 dimensions so you can begin to re-energise your life for health, happiness and success.

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Click on the play button in the box below to hear a podcast featuring an energising meditation called the Breath Energy Status Scale.(Exercise 3. on page 114 of Communicate With Charisma).

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