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The 4D Human Being approach is grounded in the 'Integral Systems' framework. 

Taking an Integral Systems view of communication increases our understanding of how our feelings, thoughts, behaviours and intentions effect the larger system in which we live and work. This is particularly important when developing a strategy for communicating a message to fully engage people within and around an organisation.


Our approach to engagement involves creatively integrating an eclectic blend of the best research from business studies, theatre arts, creativity studies, applied Integral theory and philosophy, evolutionary psychology and the latest discoveries around verbal and non verbal communication. We design and deliver highly experiential seminars, workshops and training programmes to help you communicate your values, ideas, beliefs and experiences with more impact. We can help you bring the word ‘engagement’ to life in everything you feel, think and do - personally and professionally. 

Individual Engagement

Engagement in life and work begins and ends with people interacting with each other in environments and cultures that support communication. So the first place to start when building engagement is by understanding the motivations of each individual who works with and for your organisation.

This is where 4D coaching and training programmes become a vital component. During a 4D coaching or training session each person will explore and identify the 4 dimensions that effect the way they think, feel and act in the workplace starting with their internal world. This is essentially their ‘I-ME-MY' experience and represents a person's feeling and thinking processes. Including their key drivers, shaped by their values, ideas, beliefs and experiences, or V.I.B.E. for short. A person's V.I.B.E. is at the heart of their energy and engagement begins with the alignment of their own V.I.B.E. and the V.I.B.E.s of their co-workers and the organisation.

Team Engagement

Team engagement is generated during the day-to-day business and social interactions between members and their environment as they talk, think, problem solve, move, and essentially 'BE' together.

The quantity and quality of the engagement is at the heart of workplace productivity and is determined by the motivation behind the team’s interactions . In other words, their physical, emotional, intellectual and intentional responses to each other.

Levels of engagement will be determined by the integration of individual and team energy which in turn is determined by the prevalent, emotional attitudes: happiness, excitement, gratitude, compassion, mistrust, conflict, fear and anger. Trust is particularly important in shaping and influencing team engagement.

Interpersonal relationships in the workplace serve both personal and professional objectives at the individual and team level and collective objectives at the organisational level. It is the balance and alignment between these aspects that is crucial for engagement. If my values and beliefs are at odds with key members of my team, this will alter the quantity and quality of energy I have available for the organisation as a whole.

Organisational Engagement

Organisational engagement is the sum total of the energies of all the employees performing and interacting within and between teams. Engagement happens when people’s diverse values, ideas and beliefs are aligned. This is when interpersonal communication can lead to actual behavioral change. However, physical behavioural change alone is not enough.

In order for engagement to be sustainable and create results people have to feel engaged in all in 4 dimensions of their being- physically, emotionally, intellectually and intentionally. It is then that teams become impacted by the energy and intelligence of inspired and motivated individual members and the prevailing culture begins to shift. It is by taking an integral approach that includes efforts to engage and integrate all four aspects of the business outlined above, plus all 4 dimensions of each and every person, that we can create an energetic, behavioural tipping point that leads to employee engagement.


We provide a unique set of values focussed profilers for individuals, teams and the organisation based on the theory of Spiral Dynamics Integral.

The instruments have been specifically designed to serve as orientation tools to support our programmes and use a four dimensional (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intentional) and two contexts (Cultures & Environments) framework.


Our easy to use diagnostics will help raise your own self-awareness and your ability to consciously choose the impact you make on the world - professionally and personally.

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All of us at 4D Human Being are encouraged and inspired by this talk by Frederic Laloux and we are fully aligned with this approach to the future of business management and organisational structure.

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