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The 4D Leader

We offer a series of unique and integrated leadership development programmes that focus on the cognitive, behavioural and existential aspects of leadership skills.

The 4 dimensional qualities of exceptional leaders are: 

  1. PHYSICAL visibility - An impactful personal presence 
  2. EMOTIONAL awareness - Highly developed and adaptive EQ 
  3. INTELLECTUAL flexibility - A systemic, objective and innovative mindset  
  4. INTENTIONAL focus - Based on a credible and integrated, 2nd tier vision

The 4D team will partner with you to tailor the content to meet your specific needs. What follows is a broad outline highlighting some examples of the content we will include. 

PROG ONE: Communicate With 4D Impact

3 day workshop 

Introducing the foundations of 4D leadership.

  • Surfacing the perception gap between who you think you are, how you think you are perceived and the reality of your impact. 
  • The leap from 3D human 'doing' to 4D human 'being'. Understanding yourself in 4 dimensions and what it really means to consciously create the impact you choose.
  • Finding your leadership Voice.
  • Advanced Presentation skills and mastering the 'Intention + Attitude x Energy = Conscious Impact' equation.

PROG TWO: Integral Leadership

2 day workshop 

Many leaders are very good at the transactional and technical aspects of leadership, but less strong when it comes to building and managing relationships. Particularly when emotions are involved. 

  • Delegates will be introduced to Integral theory and the Gravesian inspired model of Spiral Dynamics.
  • Each participant will take the Leadership Values Profiler (LVP) and potentially up to 3 more profilers to explore organisational systems theory from an Integral perspective.
  • How our emotional responses to people, places and things are constellated around the developmental stage we are at.
  • Influencing with integrity and impact.

The core aim of this part of the programme is mastery of multiple perspective taking in order to increase emotional awareness and develop a global mindset. 

PROG THREE: Leadership at the 2nd Tier

2 day workshop 

A deep and experiential 2 day journey into the meaning of 2nd Tier leadership, authenticity and intentionality.

  • Healthy and unhealthy egocentrism.
  • Identifying any self limiting beliefs and habitual patterns that may inhibit the practice of 4D Intentional leadership.
  • Identifying your authentic intentions and setting a credible set of values, ideas and beliefs as the foundation for the next stage in the 4D intentional leadership journey. 

PROG FOUR: Innovative Leadership

2 day workshop

As every succesful and experienced leader knows, innovation is the life blood of business. As we step into increasing levels of uncertainty, strong realtionships (inside and outside the organisation) will become the stable structures of profitable partnerships. During these two days the 4D faciltators will introduce the delegates to essential tools for the 21st century leader. Drawing on the latest research around:

  • Network building
  • Creativity & idea sharing
  • Igniting organisational innovation

These final two days will be an energising and unforgettable experience.

The programmes will also include follow up 1-2-1 coaching and all support materials.

Contact info@4dhumanbeing for more details.


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