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Leadership communication

Leaders today are increasingly required to communicate with diverse audiences locally, nationally and globally. This means sometimes having to communicate with people at different levels within and between organisations, often from different cultures, sometimes in different languages and with people who have differing world views.


This can make communication extremely difficult, especially when dealing with non-negotiables in business. Therefore, leaders who want to make a difference require a high level of personal mastery, plus a strong and ever present focus on continued personal development. They also need to be able to communicate with all the people they serve at all levels. 

We design and deliver bespoke leadership programmes that meet the unique and specific needs of both your current leaders and your emerging leadership talent. The course can be tailored to include:

  • Online assessments.
  • The 4D 360 degree feedback tool.
  • Experiential events and learning activities. 
  • Look, Listen & Learn - off site visits.
  • Guest speakers on leadership.
  • Leadership team projects.
  • Practical 'real' play.
  • Individual coaching.
  • Follow up events.

We offer formats to suit your particular need, from stand alone modules that can fit in to an existing programme to our full, 12 month Intentional Leadership development programme.

Our flagship, leadership communication programme 'Leading With Impact in 4D' has been included as an integral part of several of our clients leadership development initiatives and has an incredible, international track record. We believe it is the most powerful communication skills and leadership journey of learning and development we have ever had the pleasure to deliver and facilitate.

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