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Deeper Dimensions

In the 4D Human Being model the 4th dimension is the INTENTIONAL. The dimension of consciousness, time and focussed, creative energy. Our intentions are an expression of the choosing faculty we all possess.


Whenever you say the words, I AM, ME and MINE you are speaking from the perspective of your intentional self. 

We engage this dimension whenever we self reflect and objectively witness what we are doing, thinking and feeling in any moment, before taking action.

The Intentional self is the expression of our willpower and creativity and we draw energy into it from our physical, emotional and intellectual dimensions. In other words, the intentional self is the sum total of our values, ideas, beliefs and experiences. And a person holding a powerful set of intentions can be an unstoppable force. However, in our experience, it is often the least understood and in many cases the least developed dimension. 

In this series of programmes we explore the Intentional dimension in all it’s forms from an Integral perspective. We will help you explore the whole range of your intentions from your day to day experiences of taking care of your personal and professional duties to the deepest levels that drive you and facilitate growth and learning.

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