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Most people in business today would agree that it’s important to embrace and encourage creative thinking in order to stay competitive in this ever changing, global marketplace. We totally agree and that's why we have developed the 4D Integral Innovation programme to support a creative approach to commmunication and idea sharing in business. 

The good news is that every business that employs human beings has all the resources they need to help them innovate. It's their people!  

The great ZEN Buddhist scholar and master Dr T Suzuki once said:

 " The artist of life lives creatively in the here-and-now, every moment a birth, free as the wind, having let go of egotistical existence." 

He suggested that creativity was less about 'trying' to be creative and more about developing a level of self awareness that allows us to break free of the constriction of intellectual thought.

A Zen master will always challenge a student's concepts about the meaning of existence by presenting them with a thought experiment called a Koan. This is a paradoxical proposition that cannot be solved by the intellect alone. For example: 

"What's the sound of one hand clapping?" 

Eventually the student would reach a point where they could no longer rely on their intellect to solve the problem and would immediately achieve a creative insight into the solution to the Koan.

Following this realisation the student is now able to spontaneously respond to any situation with an open mind and offer new and innovative solutions (in the moment) to each and every problem presented by life.

Our innovation team have designed a powerful creativity tool based on an ancient, Zen exercise. 


Take a look at our Integral Innovation programme to find out how we can help you introduce innovation to your business or accelerate and renergise current innovation initiatives so you can start to liberate the innate creativity of your people. 

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