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Conscious Customer Care

In this challenging, economic climate, competition for customers and clients is rapidly rising. We the people have access to more information on the quality of products and services than at any time in history. With e-commerce increasing and consumer expectations growing, the pressure is on retailers as customers and clients quickly and easily search on line and find reviews, bargains and recommendations in a tick and a click. 


Research in customer service reveals that unhelpful, unfriendly and uneducated staff are the main cause of poor service. However a customer’s desire to both spend their time and money in a store increases when they have a positive experience.

A study by Service Management Group revealed that friendly and efficient staff assistance is rated as the biggest contributor to overall satisfaction, with 43% of customers saying it creates an excellent experience. Positive attitude and friendly behaviour was considered even more important than product variety or availability. Friendliness alone meant customers rated their shop experience as 'satisfactory' or higher.

This adds up to one thing - Conscious Customer Care holds the key to a satisfying shopping experience and greater customer spend.

This interactive and inspiring one day programme covers the key aspects to creating exceptional service in 4D. Including:

Required, Desired & Inspired - Building on the three levels of customer service

The Ability to communicate with and understand your customer:

  • Dealing with complaints
  • Setting your Energy and Attitude
  • Managing Empathy and Intention
  • Observing Protocol and Guidelines

The Approach, The Welcome and The Close: The conscious customer care cycle in 4D

Analise, Organise, Improvise: Creatively solving the client’s problems and innovatively meeting their needs

Courage, Conviction and Competence = Confidence. Thoroughly knowing the USP of your product and service

Teamwork - Consciously co-creating the customer experience

Bringing it all together

Visible, Credible, Reliable and Profitable = Exceptional service in 4D

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