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Conscious communication

At 4D Human Being we all share a personal and professional commitment to consciously create the impact we choose in each and every moment we are communicating with others.

And we also aim to encourage and inspire our clients to make the same commitment. 'Consciously' being the operative word.

But for us conscious communication means much more than just being self-conscious about what we are personally feeling, thinking and doing when we're communicating at a meeting with colleagues or presenting to clients. It also means recognising the impact we are having on the cultures and environments in which we live and work.

At 4D we believe that fear is behind most of the worst things human beings do to each other – at work and in life in general. Our research and experiences have shown us that this is nearly always about a lack of mutual understanding and a lot of mis-communication. Therefore, by offering training and coaching in conscious communication skills we aim to help people to decrease their feelings of stress and anxiety and increase their feelings of confidence and freedom from unnecessary and/or misguided fear caused by ineffective communication. 

Conscious communication is fundamentally about developing both our INTRApersonal and INTERpersonal communication skills so we can serve our intentions and create the impact we need to make in order to achieve our objectives and goals - and avoid generating anxiety and fear.


At 4D Human Being we create bespoke training programmes, seminars and team events to help you, your team and your organisation to increase your ability to consciously create the impact you choose and communicate with confidence, integrity and authentic intention.

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