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Film & Video

Powerful stories create memorable learning experiences!

Blended learning using video is a genuinely engaging and cost effective way to deliver repeatable and impactful training that sticks.

Not only does our talented team have a wealth of experience in the learning and development business but we also have a history of writing and producing work for theatre, television and film.

This means that by working closely with you we can - and will - create a bespoke, interactive training movie that puts your company’s issues and team challenges at the heart of the action.

Your unique film can then be embedded in a training format to support the learning. 

Great stories that are relevant to a particular subject are the most powerful way to communicate ideas, beliefs and experiences. And using film is arguably the most powerful and popular way of all. That’s why we suggest incorporating highly engaging story into training experiences by using short 5-10 minute films around specific learning requirements.

We will work collaboratively with you and your people to create films that have relevant story lines and plots that represent your issues, contain embedded learning and are totally interactive.

Each short film comes with all support materials and can be delivered by one of the 4D team. We can also train people from your organisation to facilitate the interactive, video based training sessions anytime you require!

Subjects can include:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Increasing Personal Impact
  • Influencing
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Creativity and Organizational Innovation
  • Dealing With Change
  • Leading Without Authority
  • Leadership Styles
  • Managing Line Management 
  • How To Have Great Meetings


How will it all work?

In full consultation with you, we will develop the concept, write the scripts, find the location, plan the production, cast and rehearse the actors, direct, shoot and edit the film and create animation and motion graphics, as and when required.

We will also provide you with practical and easy to use materials that will support the learning experience in the form of participants guides as well as assessment and feedback tools to help you monitor the progress of  the participants after the training sessions.

4D’s Film & Video package is a complete, cost effective video production service.

Contact us for a chat and discover how you can capture the power of the movies to make the learning last.


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