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Presentation skills in 4D

 Create memorable presentations in 4 dimensions! 

Our unique 4D approach will help you get the edge when it comes to presenting information, sharing ideas and winning new business.

Whatever your needs may be, we can offer you a tailored One, Two, Three or even Five day course on presentation skills that will provide you with a fantastic set of easy to use techniques and tools for presenting to groups at pitches, meetings, business conferences and seminars. All our courses are dynamic, interactive and a lot of fun!

After attending our course you will be able to:

  • Manage nervousness and anxiety
  • Present confidently in front of small and large audiences
  • Plan and structure an engaging presentation
  • Understand how to use body language and stagecraft to increase personal impact
  • Build interesting and engaging slides
  • Handle difficult questions
Watch the video below and discover a simple tool you can use straight away to both help you structure your presentations and easily remember them - without notes.


How will a programme look, sound & feel?

Each programme will be adapted to address the specific needs of each person in the group. The programme is delivered as a combination of theory (20%) and practice (80%). We also use blended learning through mixed media, including video and audio to record and demonstrate examples of various presenting styles. 

Content will include:

  • What exactly happens in the first 90 seconds of your presentation?
  • How to apply the 'Energy + Attitude + Intention = Impact' model
  • PowerPoint Magic - How to create a dazzling slide presentation that will keep an audience awake, enaged and informed
  • Gestures
 and contagion
  • Finding Your Voice
 - Speed, Tone, Rhythm & Pitch
  • The A.B.C.D.E. structure - Organising your material
  • The Power & Passion of Story telling
  • Stage Craft - How and where to move when presenting
  • Putting it all together
  • Review & Reflect
  • Summary- Q&A -Finish

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