Team Communication

Team Alignment & Integration 

The Edge, Bono, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen are four, unique individuals. Each has a distinct personality and yet together they form an integrated system with its own identity, ambitions, values and goals.

It's called U2

They have been working as a band for almost 40 years so we could say this is an example of teamwork at its most sustainable. What’s their secret? They are an Integrated team.

If you need to integrate your team then our Team Alignment & Integration programme can help. Whether it's an established team or a new team it's important to ensure everyone is clear about the team's purpose, intentions, objectives and goals. 

Research has consistently shown that teams work together best when each individual has a clear understanding of the dynamics of the group in relationship to the larger system it's connected to. This means understanding how the values, ideas and beliefs of individuals, teams, the culture and the organisation itself, all co-arise as one interconnected whole. If there is a dysfunction in any part it will manifest as a feeling, thought or behaviour somewhere in the system.

The 4D Integral Systems Thinking approach will help you to identify 7 value systems that are potentially inhibiting or energising and driving your team. You will also discover your 4 ‘ Personal Power Bases’ and how these affect your team's ability to make an impact on collegues, customers, the culture and your organisation as a complete system. This will also reveal how teams can strategically align around a project while maximising the strengths and capabilities of each individual.

Our Team Alignment & Integration programme is interactive, experiential and includes workshops and team coaching sessions. We will help you and your team master the thinking and behaviours required to deal with:

  • How Communication & Miscommunication Creates Culture
  • Values Alignment - Healthy & Unhealthy
  • Focus of Intention
  • System Disintegration and Reintegration
  • Conflict Within The Team
  • Flex & Flow Roles
  • Idea sharing
  • Creativity
  • Managing Horizontal & Vertical Change
  • Managing Horizontal & Vertical Growth
  • Influencing the system
  • Engagement

If you need to dissolve silo thinking, build team relationships, increase creativity, and improve resilience and productivity then contact us to find out more about our Team Alignment & Integration programme.

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