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Are you ready for the next level of human being?

Discover a truly evolutionary life path to personal and professional development in the 21st century. A way of perceiving, feeling, thinking and behaving that can lead to higher levels of awareness for living a more balanced, productive and integrated life. 

We are delighted to be offering our 4D Integral Practitioner certification events for people interested in personal and professional development. This includes teachers, coaches, trainers, facilitators, parents and educators. In fact anyone who would like to discover how to apply Integral theory (the most comprehensive map of human being to date) to transform how they communicate in life and work.

 Who are 4D Integral Practitioners?

They are people like you, from every and any walk of life, who all share the same commitment to personal integration and vertical development. This means increasing their ability (and the ability of others) to communicate effectively by viewing the world through multiple lenses in order to create a genuinely comprehensive map of an increasingly complex world.

 How would becoming an 4D Integral practitioner benefit you?

Becoming an Integral practitioner means developing your interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences thereby expanding your ability to communicate at the highest levels. How to both consciously choose the impact you have on the world and the impact the world has on you. By bringing the four primary dimensions of human being – body, heart, mind and soul into one integrated whole you will experience new levels of confidence, stability and personal satisfaction. You will also discover how to be as healthy and functional as you can be at your current stage of life. You may then decide to take further steps towards higher and deeper levels of development towards realising your fullest capacities in the future.

What is Integral philosophy?

Integral philosophy is an inclusive worldview that seeks to synthesise multiple perspectives in order to find creative solutions to the many complex challenges of the 21st century. It is essentially grounded in evolutionary theory and is a way of viewing life, the universe and everything by drawing and building on the values, ideas, beliefs and experiences of all previous and current human wisdom. Particularly around what it means to be a human being and the meaning and purpose of existence. Integral theory in practice seeks to incorporate perspectives from all the sciences including sociology, psychology, ecology and biology - in fact any subject with an 'ology' at the end is a candidate for inclusion. Integral theory can also be applied to the worlds of business, politics, medicine, education, law, art, philosophy and spirituality. Arguably the most influential Integral theorist is the philospher Ken Wilber, who has written extensively on the subject and who is one of the first to have his collected works published during his lifetime. We would recommend you to read his book 'A Brief History of Everything' as a starter. However Integral Theory has a lineage that goes back to the Indian mystic and philospher Sri Aurobindo.

The 4D Integral Practitioners Communication Skills programme is the beginning of the Integral pathway and will take you through the 4 Dimensions of Human Being. Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intentional. You will also explore the key lines, levels, states and stages of your being through immersive and interactive learning and development experiences. Beginning with:


4DIP Introduction – Who are you?


2 Days - Content will include:

The Reality: Sometimes the gap between our expectations and the day to day reality we experience can create confusion and even conflict. Also the gap between how you think you are perceived and the reality of other people's perception of you may be larger than you think. On the first day we will help you get to grips with your reality. Where are you now? What are the facts of your situation? How did you get here?

  • Who are you? 
  • Outlining the 4 selves - Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intentional
  • Exploring the language of AQAL - All Quadrants, All Lines, levels, states & types
  • HD Diagnostics


4DIP LEVEL 1 - The PHYSICAL Dimension 


2 Days - Content will include:

  • Physical awareness - What's going on?
  • 4D in Coherence - Breathing and the heart
  • Diet & Exercise for energy and health


  • Body language, Proxemics and behaviour
  • Personal Presence = Quantity & Quality of Energy
  • Personal presence through movement and gesture
  • Personal branding and the clothes you wear


4DIP LEVEL 2 - The EMOTIONAL Dimension


2 Days - Content will include:

  • Exploring 3 emotional centres of gravity: Egocentric, Ethnocentric, World centric
  • Spiral Dimensions - Value stages profile
  • Emotional Intelligence & the Ego maturity scale
  • Managing and mastering emotional conflict
  • Spiral Into Love - Relationships and communication skills
  • Applying the I-WE and IT perspectives to your relationships
  • Voice work & Voice Dialogue - The emotive power of the sound you make when you speak
  • Shadow Work = 3-2-1. The term 'shadow' refers to the 'hidden aspects' of the psyche – those aspects of ourselves that we’ve perhaps split off, rejected, denied and in some cases projected onto others. Shadow work enables you to surface and integrate emotions, feelings, or thoughts that are usually unexpressed.  Shadow work can can also release your personal energy for growth and transformation.


4DIP Level 3 - The INTELLECTUAL Dimension


2 Days - Content will include:

  • Your Multiple Intelligences
  • Your unique thinking styles – The 4 levels
  • Expanding to coherent, whole brain thinking
  • States and Stages of the limitless mind
  • Story and Creative Improvisation - Using leading-edge idea generating techniques we look at the benefits of starting completely afresh and recreating ourselves, with no restrictions, no rules, full autonomy, permission to fail and no expectations. We will draw on the fields of creativity research, science, drama, improvisation skills, psychology and maybe even some haute cuisine, as we work through the session with a mix of discussion, processes and interactive experiences to 'fill a blank canvass'. 


4DIP Level 4 - The INTENTIONAL Dimension


2 Days - Content will include:

  • Stages of belief - Magic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic & Integral
  • Realms of awareness & being - Ordinary, Subtle, Causal, Witness & Non-dual
  • States of consciousness - Waking, Dreaming, Deep sleep & Formless I Am-ness
  • Connecting with a Higher ME and a deeper WE
  • The Flex and Flow approach of the 2nd Tier perspective
  • Polarity and Paradox - Managing ambiguity
  • Strategic Action planning – Applying the Integral map
  • What's the story you're telling of who you are now and what you are becoming?
  • What will you do in The Next Five Minutes - The path to your future begins now



This is a three module course - 8 days plus a one day assessment. As a 4D Integral Coach & Training facilitator you will have cutting edge coaching and facilitation technologies and the knowledge and interpersonal skills to become an exceptional personal and professional development practitioner. You will also be qualified to be included on our team as a 4D associate training facilitator.

The outline of the content above is presented as an example of a 4DIP training schedule. However all our  courses will be adapted for each, unique group of practitioners we serve.

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