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4D Integral Coaching

Most executives today recognise that self awareness, creative thinking, flexible emotional responses and the ability to adapt your behaviour are vital competencies for leadership in the 21st century.

We have specifically designed our executive coaching methodology to include an 'Integral Systems Thinking' approach to help you go above and beyond the ordinary. The 4D2C integral coaching programme will help you discover and create innovative solutions to your day-to-day leadership challenges!

How Does It Work?

Our goal is to help you realise your full potential and we will aim to trigger and release your creative energy in the context of a coaching relationship. We always begin the 4D Human Being® Integral coaching journey with an initial conversation where we can gently explore how we might work with you. After the first meeting we should all have a good idea if there is a fit or not. Following this, together with your 4D coach, you will co-create a coaching programme that will be uniquely tailored to your specific challenges. 

The 4D2C Integral map is an easy to understand

4 dimensional - 2 contexts framework.

The 4D 'Integral' style of coaching is fundamentally co-creative, existential and highly strategic, enabling you to take multiple perspectives on any and every issue. This will help you to take a wide-angle lens view on what's going on, why, where, when, with whom and how.

Our 4D2C approach to coaching will help you connect with and build on your unique strengths and personal creativity to help you reach the next level. Whatever that means for you!

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