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4D Influencing

Our 2 day Influencing programme has been crafted and honed over many years of working with some of the most successful individuals and organisations in business today. As a result the programme contains invaluable insights into the science, the techniques and even some of the dark arts of creating a powerful influencing strategy.

Whether you’re looking to influence customers, consumers, suppliers or colleagues, upwards, downwards, sideways or out of your sphere entirely - a great influencer understands this requires a solid strategy and a clear understanding of human behaviour.

In this 2 day programme on influencing in 4D we will explore how you can use the 4D Integral Systems Thinking approach to create a map for effectively influencing across your organization and out into the wider sphere of business.

Both professionally and personally.

We will introduce you to our ‘Six Step’ influencing template. A powerful and practical tool that you can use time and time again to:

  • Plan and define your influencing aims
    and objectives.
  • Identify the vital behaviours required to
    meet your performance goals.
  • Design and implement your
    influencing strategy.

Effective influencing is not just about position power - it’s about personal power. It’s really a game of two halves:

Strategy and Communication.

Watch the video below and find out how you can create more influence to get things done!


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