Conscious communication

Improvisation Skills

Agility, flexibility and creativity are fast becoming essential personal and professional qualities for anyone looking to succeed in life and work today.

Having the ability to think on your feet and spontaneously respond to any given situation, can make the difference between making or breaking a business relationship. Particularly when it comes to communication.

The secret of great, interpersonal communication is being able to adapt your style at a moments notice as, more often than not, it’s the quality of your recovery that will mark you out as a master communicator. The techniques of improvisation can really help you take your feelings, thinking and behaviour to the next level. The level of consciously creating the impact you choose.

  • Accessible, practical, surprising and inspiring – our improvisation skills programme is a highly popular workshop designed to enhance the skills and productivity of an organization’s most valuable asset - its people.
  • We can offer various formats to suit your needs, from a 90 minute session, a half day to three days of improvising.
  • After the course you will feel more able to walk into the unknown with friends and colleagues, secure in the knowledge that you can make something happen.
  • You will discover how responding with ‘Yes and’ can lead you to co-create something entirely new and unexpected.
  • You will have new tools to develop the courage to embrace ‘failure’ knowing that it is often the key to personal transformation.
  • You will experience the freedom to walk into any arena and talk in front of any audience without a script and with only a core belief, the joy at knowing whatever a client, a team mate or an audience member throws at you – you have the ‘alchemical’ skill to turn it into gold.


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