Creativity & innovation

Creativity & Innovation

At 4D Human Being® we believe everyone is creative and that your creativity is the greatest and most exciting resource you have.

Why? Because it’s innate, limitless, totally unique, often unexpected and utterly energizing.

This one day course will help participants understand how innovation can be nurtured within an organisation and how they themselves are uniquely creative. We will present the 4D Integral Innovation model. A unique approach that utilises diverse thinking styles at various stages of the Innovation process. This means that everyone on your team will have an integral role to play at each stage - from idea generation to implementation.



  • Learn and explore how to apply the principals of integral creativity
  • Learn how to identify how you and others operate creatively
  • Discover what supports or blocks your creativity
  • How to turn creative ideas into innovations that change the game
  • Explore different idea generating tools and creative, problem solving techniques
  • Discover a unique tool for identifying and measuring the potential of ideas
  • How to get buy-in for your ideas

The day will culminate in ‘The Dragons Lair’ – A fun process to bring the learning from the day together in one experience.

Unlock your creativity in the workplace and every other part of your life.

Your next idea could be the beginning of something incredible!


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