So how does this look, sound and feel?

Your personal energy is generated and released using all 4 energetic dimensions of human being.

  1. Physical Behaviour - What we do and how energetically we do it.
  2. Emotional Tone – The energy we experience and generate between fear and desire.
  3. Intellectual Processing - How quickly and accurately we are able to understand, organise and interpret information.
  4. Intentional Attitude - What energises and drives us in terms of our values, ideas and beliefs.

 In other words, we can exude a high level of energy in 4D!

However, we can sometimes be operating using only one or two dimensions at the optimum energetic level. For example, someone who is highly energised intellectually but expressing no physical or emotional energy will create a totally different impact from someone just generating emotional energy. This is because when we communicate a value, idea, belief or experience, the impression we leave on others is mostly determined by the emotional impact we have made.

The way we’re experienced is a combination of the quantity (high or low) and quality (positive or negative) of our personal energy. For example if we have a…

  • High energy plus a positive intention and attitude: We may be percieved as a motivational and inspiring presence in appropriate situations and contexts.
  • High energy plus a negative intention and attitude: We may be experienced as an aggressive, critical, de-motivating and depressing presence.
  • Low energy plus a positive intention and attitude: We may create the impact of someone who is calm, approachable, supportive and stable.
  • Low energy plus a negative intention and attitude: We may become a drain on the energy of the people with whom we interact day to day.

 Learning how to focus and manage not just the quantity of energy we generate but also the quality of our intention and attitude is the key to developing a highly effective and impactful communication style; and an even a more engaging presence.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that an average-sized human adult contains enough potential energy to explode with the force of thirty, very large hydrogen bombs. So, energise your 4 dimensions with care!