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Aug 26, 2015

The End Of The World Or The Beginning of a New Renaissance?

It could be argued that the seeds of the last renaissance were sown as a result of the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE. After this date a struggle for power emerged and intensified around the globe. But eventually, between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, Italy became the center of a movement that gradually spread throughout Europe and provided the philosophical underpinnings of the Western world we live in to day. However, up to and during that time the people of the earth experienced the horrors of war, plague and famine. But they also experienced a shift in perspective - literally.

The great artists from Leonardo to Michael Angelo introduced a new depth and perspective into their work, enabling people to see themselves and their the world from totally new angles. Copernicus and Galileo changed the flat and earth centric cosmological perspective by pointing out and proving that the earth actually went around the sun, and the brave, mystic monk Giordano Bruno went to the flames for mentioning that god may not just be a bearded man in the sky but rather an energetic force of love that is present throughout and within everything in the universe and therefore we may be surrounded by an infinite amount of inhabited worlds. During this period the first printing presses emerged and the buying and selling of books became popular in many European countries. People read more and as a result were better educated. They also became wealthier, built larger homes, bought tons of luxury goods and became interested in information, art and literature from around the world. Radical and innovative ideas began to spread and led to what we now call the modern, rational, scientific view.

So, here we are today at what seems like the end of that era. However, it was a number of innovative and new perspectives that have brought us here and are now threatening the old world order. The biggest threat being the Internet and the rise of the information age. As paradoxical as that may seem, you are probably more than aware that the age is both a blessing and a curse. As it continuously connects people from all corners of the world to all types of information, entertainment and each other, the Internet of everything has become the collective mind of the earth. Yes, we do have terrifying threats of plague in the form of diseases such as Ebola and HIV. Yes, we do have terrorism and the risk of global unrest and even war as nations vie for power in the wake of a looming global economic collapse, but all this may be a symptom of a deeper, underlying need for evolution and change.

It is becoming clear that we can no longer, easily separate the peoples of the world. Much of the radical fundamentalism we see today from far right and far left extremist groups is a fear-based reaction to the evolutionary drive of globalisation. It is true that the dark side of human and corporate greed leads to the exploitation of people and their lands and creating dominator hierarchies that subjugate the weak, but it’s also true that capitalism has facilitated the creation of services, products, systems and processes that are good and helpful. We are seeing and hearing about many amazing technological breakthroughs in the pipeline. While it remains a fact that some corporations are guilty of evil doings, many also finance research into life enhancing and world saving technologies to tackle looming megatrends such as environmental pollution, food, water shortages and energy.

For example in the field of medicine we are seeing the emergence of gene therapies that mean we could extend life, immune boosting vaccines that can fight cancer and even incredible surgical technologies that enable us to transplant a human face. However it is more than obvious that we need a new economic system. One that serves the globe not just America or Europe. Though not dead yet, capitalism is close to dying and in desperate need of radical reform. But we will need a deep and radical shift in world view before the type of change required begins to happen in any meaningful way.

The good news is that in perspectives in the West are shifting. Particularly in terms of our modern view of who and what we are and our place in the cosmos. We are rapidly moving from a materialistic, reductionist picture of ourselves and our place in nature to a more integral position. (For a mind blowing perspective just Google ‘quantum biology’). Current scientific research is helping us to understanding that we are not just tiny, insignificant lumps of meat and matter in a meaningless universe. With recent discoveries in nuclear and quantum physics we are beginning to realise that our very consciousness may well be a fundamental aspect of the fabric of the universe. Now you may think this pargraph is becoming a little woo woo, but anyone who has spent time thinking about and studying the human condition will realise that our view of ourselves will determine how we view and treat each other. In other words, what you value and believe will determine your experience and the world you create. So...

What if the consciousness of each and every one of us is proven to be the mind of the universe looking at itself ?

What if empirical science could show us that we are indeed multiple aspects of ONE cosmic consciousness ?

What if it turns out that life is a conscious expression of the creative impulse of what was once a blind, random process of evolution?

This cosmological view would suggest that rather than believing in and waiting for an external higher power, or force to come and save, judge or even destroy us, it is us, the four dimensional human beings that are destined to bring meaning, beauty and goodness to the world and the cosmos at large. So, while the current situation might seem hopeless from where you’re sitting or standing and many people do quite understandably feel like they are insignificant and powerless, the reality is that it’s up to us, those of us that can, to make the changes needed to save ourselves, each other and the world. If we can stop over identifying with old, exhausted values, ideas, beliefs and world views that no longer hold up and start looking for ways and means to create a new age, an integral age, where we transcend but also include only the best of what we have learned so far, then maybe we can usher in the new renaissance and consciously create a future our children can look forward to. Just saying...