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Feb 12, 2015

Are you unfulfilled & unhappy or are you following your bliss?

If you feel stuck or frustrated in your current situation or position and confused about how to move through to a new way of being, you have three very clear choices facing you. 

Ask yourself whether you want to:

A) Become a 'victim' of circumstance.  Resent what is 'happening' to you but decide you are powerless in the face of the world.

B) 'Surrender' to the situation and those who you deem to have the power. Giving yourself over wholeheartedly and willingly to what the world has in store for you. 

C) Rise up, become the 'hero' of your own story and change your situation or circumstances. Recognise your strengths and as Joseph Campbell said "Follow your bliss". In this way you start happening to the world instead of the world happening to you.


The Hero's Journey may require going through a wall of fire or slaying the odd dragon but the rewards are great, profound and joyful.


So which of these three paths will you take today?