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Nov 25, 2014

Energy + Intelligence = Impact in 4Dimensions

The changes we have seen to date as a result of this technological shift are significant and it is becoming apparent that no one can really predict how the future will look with any certainty. Everything from national-security threats, environmental problems, medical or public health emergencies, to food shortages will likely emerge in unexpected ways from unexpected sources. This means that the human capacity for communication, innovation, problem-solving and creativity will be essential for our survival as a species.

According to Fast Company magazine we are about to witness the rise of Generation Flux. Unlike Generation X and Generation Y, Generation Flux refers to a psychographic, not a demographic. You can be part of Generation Flux at any age. But this generation requires a new way of being. One that embraces a more flex and flow approach to life and work. An approach that recognises both the benefits of organised hierarchy but also respects and allows autonomy, freethinking and idea sharing.

This is important for everyone of us, be we leaders in business or politics, teachers, engineers, policy advisers, lawyers, industry workers, health workers, social service officers, parents, students, entrepreneurs, designers, artists and all other professional and personal vocations that contribute to and help evolve our world. What will be required from each of us to face the challenges of the 21st century and beyond is to become a new type of being. A 4 dimensional human being.

Everything we do in life depends on whether we can activate our energy in all 4 dimensions - body, heart, mind and spirit - to take action and do something about our situation. Our personal energy is the life force animating the totality of who we are and the most energy-hungry organ in the human body is the brain. In fact it is the cognitive functions of our brain/mind and therefore our intelligence, both conscious and unconscious, that directs our emotions, thoughts and behaviours driving everything we feel, think and do. Therefore I would like to introduce a word to describe the ‘intelligent focus of energy’ functioning effectively in all 4 dimensions.


Back in 1995, Britain’s greatest management guru Charles Handy predicted:
"As in the Renaissance, it will be an exciting time, a time of great opportunities for those who can see and seize them, but of a great threat and fear for many. It will be more difficult to hold organizations and societies together. The softer words of leadership and vision and common purpose will replace the tougher words of control and authority because the tough words won't bite anymore. Organizations will have to become communities rather than properties, with members, not employees, because few will be content to be owned by others. Societies will break down into smaller units but will also regroup into even larger ones than now for particular purposes." Charles Handy, Beyond Certainty: Changing Worlds of Organizations.

Today Handy’s predictions are proving correct. So, in order to stay with, and ahead of the game in business we will need to develop our energence. With increasedenergence we can expand our capacity to become more creative, progressive, flexible and able to communicate clearly and facilitate the sharing of information with impact.

The key to this is keeping our attention on our intention as we intelligently focus our energy to consciously respond and create the impact we choose - in any and every situation we find ourselves.