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Tata Global Beverages – Think Big!

Philippa Waller, working with management consultancy Just Add Water, headed up the UK and European sector of a global innovation and engagement programme for TATA Global Beverages called Think Big!

TATA Global Beverages own a variety of international brands including Tetley Tea, Eight O’Clock Coffee and Good Earth Tea. Already highly innovative, Tata GB was seeking to increase employee engagement through idea sharing and innovation…and Think Big! was born.

Think Big! is a global innovation competition open to every TGB employee encouraging them to share and present new ideas and expand their confidence and creativity.

The initiative was a huge success with many more times the ideas submitted than had been expected. Hundreds of employees all over the world showed a desire to get involved from the factory floor to the executive office. Everyone rose to the challenge and people began to operate outside of their silos. The programme did away with hierarchy and barriers and employees from every department became advocates for innovation. Innovators and potential innovators throughout the business became empowered and up-skilled. Philippa was thrilled to see one of her UK teams go on to win the global final in New York! The idea is now in development and with many other great actionable ideas, Think Big! Was a resounding success for Tata’s strategic innovation agenda and goals. The Financial Times agreed!

Here’s a few of the many comments from participants:

"When embarking on the Think Big program I had trouble initially seeing how the engagement plans would deliver the desired effect........I needn't have worried!  Philippa's energy and commitment delivered a truly outstanding employee engagement programme.  Philippa's techniques were hilarious, her infectious behaviour and positive transfer of attitude will leave a lasting impact on our people and our organisation".  Senior Business Manager, TATA Global Beverages

"Having only been at the company a matter of weeks when Think Big started the thought of attending workshops was more than daunting. But at the initial workshop Philippa made me feel more than comfortable with her unique techniques and fantastic energy. The program not only made me feel more comfortable within the working environment, but I also feel more confident as a whole. I learnt how to structure presentations, clear my mind, how to turn what may seem like nothing into something and most importantly that standing on a stage, on my own, in front of 50+ people with no notes isn't as hard as it initially sounds. I loved taking part in the whole program and will never hesitate to 'put myself out there' in the future."  Tea Co-ordinator, Tata Global Beverages

Think Big! Really did generate a buzz around the world and we’re looking forward to our next exciting project with Tata Global Beverages in 2012.


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