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TaTa Global Beverages - Influencing Skills

 In 2012 The HR director of TaTa Global beverages invited Philippa & Tom to design and propose a training programme in ‘Strategic Organisational Influencing’ for diverse teams to be delivered in 2013 to support their global strategy of delivering sustainable success. 

Tata Global Beverages is a business with rich traditions and big ambition. As a consolidated group they are already the second-largest tea company in the world and growing fast. As a result they are working hard to build a shared company culture and align every one of their 3,000 employees behind a clear strategy to deliver sustainable success with a strategy focusing on product innovation, building global brands, success in new channels and more countries, plus greater efficiency.

The purpose of the new training proramme would be to raise each team’s awareness on how to create influence at both an individual and at an organisational level in order to achieve current performance goals and objectives.

Having had previous experience of creating, delivering and being part of several change and influencing initiatives in a number of Global organisations we at 4D have recognised that an organisation is essentially an information network. More like a living system than a machine.

However, many organisations serve a business model that takes more of a ‘machine like’ approach to leadership and management. Though machines can be controlled, and may be more predictable, human beings make their own choices about what to do, when, why and how based on their values and drives.

For us, organizational influence begins by tapping into interconnected networks of collaboration that are already present in an organisation. This means influencing both the tangible and intangible (hard and soft) dimensions of an organisation’s structure.

This requires both a high level of organisational awareness and good communication skills so the training was designed to provide the team with case studies, templates, tools and techniques around strategic influencing, and the behaviours of influence to help them create a strategy for influencing and evaluating the outcomes.

The training was designed to be delivered over two days followed by scheduled, follow up coaching sessions for members of the influencing teams to consolidate and support their learning.

With the enthusiasm and full commitment of the brilliant and wonderful TaTa GB HR team, 4D ran two initial pilots in 2012 which received very positive feedback. As a result, we are delighted to say we will be delivering more sessions throughout 2013. 

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