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Ballantine's - A year of Creativity in 4D

The Brand Director of Ballantine’s and his team invited us to partner with them on a new adventure of supporting creativity within Ballantine’s branding team. The goal was to intrigue, inspire and support the team over twelve months.

The Ballantine's brand director was keen to highlight the importance of expanding a sense of play within the various brand design teams, with each member being encouraged to celebrate their own individual style and ideas and yet integrate together as one, unified whole.

We had several initial meetings to discuss how the year might be structured most effectively, as well as possible starting points, events, surprises, creativity sessions and ongoing support methods.

The objective of the year long programme was to support creativity at both a team and individual level. It would involve monthly tasks, creativity sessions and away-days as well as ongoing support from 4D to stimulate team creativity. Here's how it played:

The programme was launched in February 2011 and the activities included a highly entertaining day of creativity on a Golf course facilitated by Anthony Etherton, playing the game in a very unexpected way.

A hair raising visit to L’Oreal’s HQ to explore how creativity and innovation is fostered within the education team of the Matrix brand.

An evening of the team taking on the role of ‘Innovation Anthropologists’. Scouring the high end bars of London’s East and West end, the team studied the habits and behaviours of London's indigenous drinking tribes and indulged in a few habits of their own.

A day of learning and practicing a unique approach to Mixology, creating cocktails with the fabulous and innovative team of trainers at Shaker.

And a day of storytelling, during which 4D's Philippa worked with the team and other colleagues, exploring creative ways to present the great Ballantine's heritage.

We had a great deal of fun working with the highly talented Ballantine’s team throughout the year. They proved, without doubt that they are committed to making creative and innovative thinking integral to everyday of their working lives. And that’s how they get results and that's why the Ballantine’s brand always leaves an impression!

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