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Novartis - The Movie

In the summer of 2012 we were contacted by a senior team at Novartis in Europe who were keen to explore using the visual medium of film to create an innovative, awareness raising, training video to highlight how certain departments function and interact from a communication skills perspective. 

Novartis is an award winning, global pharmaceutical company with a mission to improve global health, prevent and treat diseases, ease suffering and enhance people's quality of life. Through their business, they make an important contribution to society by discovering and developing innovative healthcare products, targeting unmet medical needs. Everyone at Novartis is committed to striving for high performance with high integrity.

The senior team at Novartis wanted 4DHB to create a film that would reveal key insights into how people feel, think and behave in a specific department when facing the day-to-day challenges of preparing trial data for submission. The team also wanted the film to portray their world in an entertaining and informative way to stimulate thought and discussion while also serving as a training tool, offering practical, communication skills techniques.

The 4D team met with the key stakeholders involved in the project and took a thorough brief. Arrangements were then made for us to interview all the relevant people in the departments involved to help us understand exactly what was going on and how things worked.

As always we took an integral 4 dimensional -2 perspectives approach to map the key issues as accurately as possible. We conducted interviews with all relevant individuals exploring what, why, how, when, where and with whom they have to interact in order to effectively and efficiently complete their work tasks. We also researched the systems, processes and environments in which interaction happens and within a week we were able to identify and confirm both what was working well and which were the key challenges that needed addressing in the film.

We prepared a report of our findings and then began applying our screenwriting and storytelling skills to create a first draft of the script. In consultation with the Novartis team we constantly reviewed and honed the story to get the style and tone of the piece exactly right.

Once everyone was happy the 4D production team sprang into action and began the multi faceted task of casting the actors, hiring the crew, finding locations and dealing with all pre-production prep. Rehearsals began in early November and dates were set for the shoot in December 2012. Miraculously the winter weather was with us and everything went perfectly to schedule.

Within 6 months from the first meeting we had presented the Novartis team with the finished 20-minute film and began designing a strategy to deliver a ‘blended learning’ experience to support it.

We are proud to say the project was piloted early in 2013 and has been a resounding success. The feedback from the delegates that attended the initial pilots was highly positive across the board. People were delighted that real world issues were portrayed in an entertaining yet informative way in the film and found the integrated, interactive training session that followed highly beneficial.

As a result the 4D team will be rolling out our video based training programmes for Novartis throughout 2013 and 2014.

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