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L'Oreal Catwalk Showcase Tour - Now in 4D

Each year, L’Oréal Professionnel’s technical and id.artist team bring the coming season’s collections to life across the country in an exclusive tour of Catwalk shows.  For the past two years L’Oreal have been calling in 4DHB to help them prepare their bodies, hearts, minds and Spirits (energy levels) to ‘wow!” their audiences.

The purpose of the L'Oreal catwalk showcase is to keep people engaged, educated and informed about the latest L’Oreal cutting techniques, colour collections, fashion styles and how these work with the current clothing and make-up trends. To do this, the team not only have to demonstrate their technical skills but they also need to share the stories behind the creations they produce on stage.  In other words, they have to establish an emotional connection between the audience, the artists and the work.

The two days we spend preparing the team for the Catwalk Showcase is one of the highlights of our year – excuse the pun. For us it’s a chance to share everything we’ve learned from our years of experience working in theatre, television and film - on and off stage and behind and in front of the camera. The catwalk shows have all the glamour of theatre, with talented and beautiful people swanning around the stage supported by full production values of lighting, music and video.

The prime objective for the two days is to help each member of the team to align and  integrate their 4 dimensions.

On the first day we guide and facilitate them through various exercises and processes to help them really focus attention on their energy, attitude, physical behaviours and intentions. These are the instruments of communication. The process is analogous to the way musicians rehearse with their musical instruments preparing to play a challenging concert.

Day two is all about working on the stage space, shaping the scripts, mapping stage craft and balancing the energy of the team. This is when the fun really starts as we block through the dynamics of the show and take the team on a test run. Making an exceptional impact on stage truly involves getting body, heart, mind and soul operating as one, integral whole.

 By the end of the two days the showcase team were ‘tuned up’ and raring to create, communicate and connect in 4 dimensions. But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the email messages we received right after the training: 

“As ever it was an inspirational and motivational session, thank you.”

“Great to see you again and thanks for all your advice and help!”

“It really does make a difference.” 

“I will use some of the techniques at my technical and area meetings in the future.”

“Many thanks for inspiring training – I really enjoyed it.”

And that kind of feedback makes it an honour to serve and motivates us to make sure we’re always the best coaches and trainers that we can be – everytime, everywhere and with everyone.

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