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The 4D Integral approach to communication skills training and coaching will not only help you become a master communicator, but will also facilitate the development of your key leadership competencies, including the behavioural, emotional, cognitive and intentional dimensions. Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise in the fields of business practice, psychology and the arts, we offer a broad range of tools, techniques and insights around effective communication.


Specialising in the development of talent and skills at management, leadership and senior executive levels, all our programmes are tailored to help you become more courageous, convincing and confident whenever you have to communicate.


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RSA invited us in to talk about how we might work together to create a programme to support their initiatives for increasing engagement and innovation in order to drive organisational growth at RSA.

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Philippa Waller, working with management consultancy Just Add Water, headed up the UK and European sector of a global innovation and engagement programme for TATA Global Beverages called Think Big!

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The Brand Director of Ballantine’s and his team invited us to partner with them on a new adventure of supporting creativity within Ballantine’s branding team. The goal was to intrigue, inspire and support the team over twelve months.

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We know so much now about how we can intentionally create our experience of life through conscious choice and the brain science behind neural plasticity. And consciously bringing in positive thoughts to our daily lives has been shown to have a significant impact on well-being. But what about the importance of negative emotions in our lives?

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